This is Me On Life

This is your brain on drugs

Do any of you remember the, “This is your brain on drugs” commercial?  Well, I’ve decided that this blog is going to be me on life. I have so much to share, but nowhere to really share it. Even though this was intended to be my place to share updates with my  personal training clients, it hasn’t worked out that way.  I barely have enough time in the day to accomplish what I need to with my daughters and their activities, while trying to build my Team Beachbody business that taking on more at this point just seems out of the realm of possibility. So I am going to modify this blog a little, maybe take out the scheduling option and just share here everything that I read and see in the hope that this will add just a little joy to your life.  By doing that, it will also bring joy to my life.

Welcome to my life…

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