The Duck

On Saturday, my 81/2 year old Grace was standing in front of the Albuquerque Zoo with hundreds of other Girl Scouts waiting to enter the grounds for the annual Roar and Snore sleepover.

Out of nowhere, this duck landed in amongst all of the girls and parents and then slowly made its way through all of the people (including the legs of the guy standing next to me) to the parking lot adjoining the entrance area.

I got the impression, upon reflection, that he was doing reconnaissance for the other animals on the inside. The event is limited to 1,000 Girl Scouts and when you take into account a few adult leaders per troop, that’s a lot of people.

When I took the picture, I was focused more on the fact that the duck was headed back toward the people with no regard for its own safety. Inadvertently, I also captured the back of one of the moms or Scout leaders and it is an image that stays with me.

Every day, all day, I am committed to helping people capture or re-capture the bodies that would give them or gave them the lifestyles that they used to enjoy. I am NOT being judgemental, but I would think that the woman pictured may not enjoy all of the freedoms that she once had and the pleasures that she once enjoyed. Losing some weight would restore the quality of life that she might be missing and the health that she should be enjoying.

YouTube has a video for everything and the one below is a “what if” video entitled, “What if Animals Ate Fast Food?” We already know what so many people in our country look like because of eating fast food, among other lifestyle choices.

My question is, are you ready to make better choices? I am a full time Team Beachbody Coach totally dedicated to the Beachbody mission of ending the trend of obesity in this country. Are you going to be part of the problem or part of the solution?

Beachbody has the complete solution with all of the tools and resources you need to be healthy, strong and fit. Are you ready to embrace it?  Please click here to join my team and together we will get fitter and healthier!

30 in 30 – That’s the Challenge!

I challenge you to join me in my 30 In 30 That’s the Challenge Facebook accountability group.  Beginning on September 1, 2001, I started a running streak that lasted for 1,502 days.  I am ready to start again, but this time, I want to do it with you.  I am doing a Beachbody hybrid workout plan with a Beachbody workout and running every other day.  I started off the Challenge by doing Body Gospel Power & Praise and tomorrow I will run.  I want you to join me in this 30 day challenge but there are certain requirements that you have to follow.
First, you have to purchase a Beachbody Challenge Pack which starts as low as $140.00.  Next, you have to agree to the 30 In 30 Commitments which are posted in the Challenge group.  Your start date is the day that you receive your Challenge Pack and your end date is 30 days from that date.
What do you get in return?  A Beachbody workout program that is satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.  Shakeology which has a 100% bottom of the bag guarantee.  A 30 day free trial of the Team Beachbody Club membership.  A full time, experienced Team Beachbody coach with over six years of experience who will support and guide you, keep you accountable and help you get through each of the 30 days.  In addition, you have the option of signing up for the Team Beachbody Discount Program and you will get 25% off all future purchases of Beachbody products meaning that you would save $15.00 each month on your Shakeology order, too.
Will it be easy to work out 30 days in a row?  Probably not for most people, but you will develop a habit that will stay with you into the future.  You are guaranteed to be fitter, stronger, healthier and to lose weight if you need to or your money.  The 30 In 30 Challenge is fun, rewarding and you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
To join the 30 In 30 Facebook accountability group, please click here.
Why Do It Alone - Join My 30 In 30 Facebook accountability Group

May 30th – It Pays Off!

It’s a banner day for my team of coaches, with two coaches, Ayanna and George Penn becoming 1 Star Diamond Coaches!  I just posted in our Top Guns Facebook group that, “your team blows me away with your focus, determination and perseverance. It pays off!”

Like anything else in life, hard work pays off and when you add determination, perseverance and focusing on a goal, you will reach that goal.

Today is Body Gospel day and I did Strength & Spirit and before the workout, I commented in the SuperGym, “What a way to start the day – with a workout in which you pray!”  Normally I listen to Donna Richardson Joyner as she leads the workout, but now I want to use the time while I am working out for personal development.  Since I have downloaded hundreds and hundreds of audios from SUCCESS On Demand Digital in our Team Beachbody Coach office, it is really easy to just push “Shuffle” and I get something different for every workout.

In addition to personal development, I have also downloaded spiritual development audios from the archives of services at Calvary Albuquerque, and today, I got a dose of both.

From SUCCESS – Mike Vardy talks about being more productive and listening so it couldn’t come at a better time.  It is from the SUCCESS Quick Tips series and he really has some great tips.  You can listen to them by clicking here.

For spiritual development, I listened to Isaiah 40 – 66 from The Bible From 30,000 Feet series.  Last night, Pastor Skip Heitzig was in awesome form as always and you will get to hear him, too, by clicking here.

Focus on Your Dream

Image courtesy of Zach & Jody

May 29th – “I Love to Tell the Story”

Technology having a bit of a meltdown this morning was worth it. First, the Team Beachbody SuperGym wasn’t sharing workouts when I logged my run in and I had to manually share my run on Facebook and Twitter. Then I went to start my run and Nike+ locked and I couldn’t get it to unlock by “sliding up” and had to turn my phone off and back on and restart my workout. The great thing about that is that I had a whole new playlist when the phone came back on and the setbacks were all worth it.

First up was “Go Fish – I Love To Tell The Story / Sweet Song Of Salvation” which was from a VBS CD from last year and I love that song. I’ve posted it below if you want to watch and listen.

Next up was the book summary of “Focal Point” by Brian Tracy which I downloaded from SUCCESS On Demand (we get it for just $1.00 a month as Team Beachbody Coaches). In SUCCESS it says, “Who doesn’t want to earn more money, take more time off, enjoy better relationships and live a more fulfilling life? That’s a lot for any book to promise, but it’s the premise of Brian Tracy’s best-selling book Focal Point. Will reading Tracy’s book instantly make you more successful? No. But applying what you learn from Focal Point very well could.” Click here if you want to listen to the summary.

After Brian Tracy, I listened to Jim Rohn talk about communication, which you can listen to by clicking here.  Finally, and I didn’t finish it, Darren Hardy interviewed Maria Shriver and she talked about taking action and the importance of finding your voice.  Just a great interview and if you click here, you can listen to it.

I could actually run the same route every day and never get bored because what I am listening to is what makes a good run great!  Here’s the Go Fish video that I mentioned above…

The New Newsletter

I love to talk to people because when I do, I get to listen.  After church on Saturday nights at Calvary Albuquerque, another couple and their daughter and Grace and Carly and I go out to the playground.  Laura and Gilbert and I (and other parents and couples if they are out there) talk and the kids play and we do it year round.  In Albuquerque we can do that!

Last Saturday was no exception and during the course of a conversation, Laura and I started talking about how I do my website and ecommerce.  She is one of the nicest people I have ever met and a great mom, too, with two high school sons and a 9 year old daughter.  It certainly wasn’t early on in our friendship, but I came to realize that she owns 3 businesses – GeeLoretta! (a high end fashion boutique), Arteriors (an interior design store) and Gilly Loco Salsa (with her brother).  When she talks, I do most of the listening.

To make a long story short and spare you the stress causing (I didn’t let them become stress producing) details, in one long week last week, I totally transformed my presence on the Internet.  Now, instead of relying on a static website, I have my new How To Get Fit With Rich blog that is dynamic and ever changing and updating.  I no longer have a traditional ecommerce store, I no longer use merchant services and credit card processing and I am even dropping my Better Business Bureau membership with my A+ rating because Beachbody has an A+ rating and that is good enough for me.

In addition, I am no longer using .html to create my newsletter each week and laboring for hours.  I am in fact, writing the entire newsletter as a blog post and using the blog to keep an archive of each week’s newsletter.

give-up-give-in-give-it-allBecause of one conversation on a playground, how I do business and how I do life have fundamentally changed.  Besides saving a lot of money each money, I also have way more time to spend with all of you helping you reach your goals.  I can dedicate more time to my Challenge Groups and can share more about the benefits of the healthy Team Beachbody lifestyle.

It took over 17 years on the web with and almost 6 1/2 years as a Team Beachbody Coach but only one conversation to make a quantum leap into the future of Team Howtobefit and this is Day One!

Do Everything for His Glory,

Rich Dafter

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