The Duck

On Saturday, my 81/2 year old Grace was standing in front of the Albuquerque Zoo with hundreds of other Girl Scouts waiting to enter the grounds for the annual Roar and Snore sleepover.

Out of nowhere, this duck landed in amongst all of the girls and parents and then slowly made its way through all of the people (including the legs of the guy standing next to me) to the parking lot adjoining the entrance area.

I got the impression, upon reflection, that he was doing reconnaissance for the other animals on the inside. The event is limited to 1,000 Girl Scouts and when you take into account a few adult leaders per troop, that’s a lot of people.

When I took the picture, I was focused more on the fact that the duck was headed back toward the people with no regard for its own safety. Inadvertently, I also captured the back of one of the moms or Scout leaders and it is an image that stays with me.

Every day, all day, I am committed to helping people capture or re-capture the bodies that would give them or gave them the lifestyles that they used to enjoy. I am NOT being judgemental, but I would think that the woman pictured may not enjoy all of the freedoms that she once had and the pleasures that she once enjoyed. Losing some weight would restore the quality of life that she might be missing and the health that she should be enjoying.

YouTube has a video for everything and the one below is a “what if” video entitled, “What if Animals Ate Fast Food?” We already know what so many people in our country look like because of eating fast food, among other lifestyle choices.

My question is, are you ready to make better choices? I am a full time Team Beachbody Coach totally dedicated to the Beachbody mission of ending the trend of obesity in this country. Are you going to be part of the problem or part of the solution?

Beachbody has the complete solution with all of the tools and resources you need to be healthy, strong and fit. Are you ready to embrace it?  Please click here to join my team and together we will get fitter and healthier!

As Memorial Day Weekend Draws to a Close

In an article on entitled, “Obesity: The Enemy Within” it says, “Dire warnings appear every day. Government officials make impressive speeches about its dangers. Task forces are being assembled. Massive funds are promised. What is the cause of this grave concern? Are we going to war? Yes, we are, and the enemy is obesity.”

I posted this to my fellow Team Beachbody Coaches on Facebook today, but I also want to share it here because it is so important to me…

“The Memorial Day Weekend is drawing to a close and I hope that for all of you it was safe and joy filled.

Tomorrow we face the reality of our battle against obesity, diabetes, heart disease and the enemies to good health that are waging war against the American people and the rest of the world population for that matter.

They are winning and innocent victims are dying. Although we are the ‘soldiers’ in the fight, we aren’t ‘dying’ because we know what to do to be healthy and stay healthy.

If the trend continues, only the ‘soldiers’ will be left and we will have a population that has been ravaged and decimated by the “enemies” and our nation will be severely weakened.

The Enemy Within‘ was a Star Trek episode (and also a cornerstone of Dr. Barry Sears book Toxic Fat) but it could also be what we call the enemy to good health and vibrant, fulfilling life that we as coaches are battling against here and in Canada. We absolutely must shore up our ranks and intensify our efforts. We don’t know when the tipping point is or the point of no return. We need to shift the momentum once and for all and never let it go back in the direction that it is going now.”

Will you join us in the battle?  You can do it by putting on the armor of good health and nutritious eating or you can actually be on the front lines.  The choice is yours.  Join the Team Beachbody community and start shielding yourself from the threats or arm yourself as a Team Beachbody Coach and begin fighting the battle today.