Six Months to the Day (Almost Anyway)

On Tuesday morning January 1, 2013, I was going through Mission Park here in Albuquerque at about 7:20 in the morning and listening to the Book of Exodus from the Bible From 30,000 Feet series by Pastor Skip Heitzig.  He was saying how Moses had spent 40 years trying to be someone, 40 years being a no one and then he would spend another 40 years being someone.

It was about 22 degrees and I had earphones on and a cap over my head covering my ears, but I heard a crack like a snapping branch and I couldn’t take another step.  Eventually, I found out that it was a “complete radial tear through the posterior horn of the medial meniscus at the meniscal root”.  That’s a mouthful and I can sum it up with two words – pain and an inconvenience for sure.

Six months later, I am running every other day and built up to doing 5 miles today.  I can’t say that I really have any pain during the run or after and there is no swelling.  I just know that something feels, and this is the best way that I can put it, “not right”.

How did it get better?  In the beginning, before I had a diagnosis, I had a brace and was on crutches.  At 10 days, when I got the first diagnosis of a radial tear of the medial meniscus, I was already off the crutches and stopped using the brace.  Although I’ve never had a setback, I’ve been cautious and read and researched and basically did what I would with any injury.  The real breakthrough for me was when one of the Dennis Chavez Elementary Running Club dads said that he would look at my scan.  Dr. Meek is a radiologist at Radiology Associates here in Albuquerque and he gave me the long version of the diagnosis (above).  After running a little with him at practice for a few weeks, he finally said, “I’d go for it.  It must be healing.”  That’s all that I needed to hear and thanks to him, I started running every other day and going a little bit farther and faster and got to where I am today.

I Dare You to Pray: Part TwoI don’t know how I am able to run now. Other than being cautious, I only did two things –  I prayed and I started taking Beachbody Joint Support.  This is probably where you stop reading because you want real ways to heal your meniscus, but I prayed and the only thing that I took was the glucosamine, collagen type II, and MSM in Joint Support.  Click here to learn more about Joint Support and if you want to learn more about praying, click here.

Will I be able to run tomorrow?  Probably, but I won’t because I am doing Body Gospel tomorrow and keeping to my 30 In 30 plan.  Let’s see what happens on Tuesday.  Stay tuned!

May 30th – It Pays Off!

It’s a banner day for my team of coaches, with two coaches, Ayanna and George Penn becoming 1 Star Diamond Coaches!  I just posted in our Top Guns Facebook group that, “your team blows me away with your focus, determination and perseverance. It pays off!”

Like anything else in life, hard work pays off and when you add determination, perseverance and focusing on a goal, you will reach that goal.

Today is Body Gospel day and I did Strength & Spirit and before the workout, I commented in the SuperGym, “What a way to start the day – with a workout in which you pray!”  Normally I listen to Donna Richardson Joyner as she leads the workout, but now I want to use the time while I am working out for personal development.  Since I have downloaded hundreds and hundreds of audios from SUCCESS On Demand Digital in our Team Beachbody Coach office, it is really easy to just push “Shuffle” and I get something different for every workout.

In addition to personal development, I have also downloaded spiritual development audios from the archives of services at Calvary Albuquerque, and today, I got a dose of both.

From SUCCESS – Mike Vardy talks about being more productive and listening so it couldn’t come at a better time.  It is from the SUCCESS Quick Tips series and he really has some great tips.  You can listen to them by clicking here.

For spiritual development, I listened to Isaiah 40 – 66 from The Bible From 30,000 Feet series.  Last night, Pastor Skip Heitzig was in awesome form as always and you will get to hear him, too, by clicking here.

Focus on Your Dream

Image courtesy of Zach & Jody

May 27th, 2013

Day One of my accountability log on my blog.  For most of the last 31 years, I have been keeping a record of all of my runs and workouts and races – in training logs, in notebooks, on small pieces of paper, in spreadsheets and more recently with apps like MapMyRun and Nike+.  The latter is what I am going to use moving forward and it is a great way not only to track my workouts, but also to listen to some great inspiration from the Music option.  When you finish, you also get a pat on the back from a little snippet by a world class runner.

Today I ran 4.02 miles according to Nike+ and I listened to Jim Rohn from Building Your Philosophy Part 13 – Success Is Easy.  Following that came on “The Great I Am” by Phillips, Craig & Dean and then I was blessed to be able to listen to most of the Book of John from The Bible from 30,000 Feet.

The rest of the day, I am going to honor our heroes who have served this country and died giving us the freedoms that we hold so dear.  Let’s all join together in paying tribute.


The last resting place of our fallen heroes