Cold, Hard Cash

Years ago, I knew someone who was a four pack a day smoker.  It took walking up the stairs in his house and spitting up blood in the bathroom sink before he would quit smoking and he did, in the hospital – cold turkey.

The winners in the Beachbody Challenge for May didn’t wait that long to see the light.  They saw the opportunity to win some cold hard cash and went for it…



The Wait is Over

Grace and Carly were really sad when Awana ended and in order to give them something to do over the summer, I decided to start a MeetUp for Awana families and make it like an Awana summer fitness program.  The cornerstone of the program is Body Gospel and the best way to get any Beachbody program is with a Challenge Pack – because you save money, get better results and faster and you get some added benefits like a free month of the Team Beachbody Club membership and free shipping.

Recently, Beachbody lowered the price on Body Gospel and they just today lowered the price on the Body Gospel Challenge Pack to reflect that lower price.  I am thrilled because now I can offer it to the people who are coming to the workout tomorrow night as well as here on my blog to everyone else .  On June 1st, I am entering The Beachbody Challenge again and doing Body Gospel.  Friday, I am sending out invitations, so just in case you don’t get one, let me know and I will send you one!

Body Gospel Challenge Pack