Meet the Girls

Life with Grace and Carly is the greatest joy that I have ever experienced. Here are just a few recent pictures from things that we’ve done.

Tijeras Pueblo, New MexicoBack in February, we went out to the Tijeras Pueblo to visit the site and do the trail challenge provided by the Tijeras Ranger Station.  Beautiful day for a hike!

All three of us are involved with Awana at Grace Church on San Antonio here in Albuquerque.  Carly is in WingRunners and Grace is in T&T and both are doing exceptionally well.

Each week there is another theme and they went all out for crazy hair night!Crazy hair night at Awana

We have a wonderful friend at Calvary Albuquerque who is an usher on Saturday nights.  We call her Senora Marylou and she is always so loving and kind to the girls.  We decided to give her something because she almost always has little treats for the girls.  Carly is holding the flowers and we also made her a gift basket that we put together with all of the healthy stuff and things for her cat on the top and a sweet treat on the bottom!Flowers for Senora Marylou

For Mardi Gras in Albuquerque, Grace got dressed up in a “gown” and even put on a mask for any masked balls that she might go to!Grace is ready for Mardi Gras

These are just a few glimpses into the life of Grace and Carly and you can see from the pictures that there is never a dull moment.  Our lives are filled with school and school activities, church and church activities, Awana, UpWard Sports and the girls surprising me with their creativity and love of life.

They are truly the greatest gift that God could ever give me and I cherish every moment with them.

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