Creating Healthy Footsteps to Follow

Michael is a father of two who was forced to face the unhealthy habits of his father head on and chose to create new healthy footsteps for his two boys to follow.  All told he has lost 64 lbs and 9 inches off of his waist with the help of P90X and multiple other Beachbody programs.  Cheers to you Michael and all the dads out there ending the trend of obesity at home!  Read all about how he did it below:

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Before I started Beachbody programs I felt very little self-control when it came to eating. Whatever was on my plate I ate, and then some. I didn’t feel comfortable in my own clothes, everything had gotten so tight on me. I also didn’t sleep really well. My wife said that I snored, A LOT. My energy level was very low so it took everything I had to make it through work. I remember there being a lot of chubby jokes. 

Everything started in March of 2011 when I went to Florida to move my 57 yr old father into an assisted living program. My father’s health had been bad for a while at this point. He had multiple heart problems and wound up getting a heart transplant. His eating habits were awful, and even though the doctors and his children begged him to eat healthier, it was to no avail. He had been eating this way for too long. The problem was I was eating just like him. While I moved my dad into his new place I knew something had to change in me. I couldn’t go on like I had been. So I talked to my wife and we both decided that we would start working on some kind of program to get ourselves back in-shape. 

In March of 2012 I received a call that my father was not doing well. The whole family headed to Florida to see my father before he passed. Unfortunately he passed while we were on our way down to see him. That week went by in a blur. I had a lot of frustration and anger from my fathers bad choices. I remember the long drive back home and all of the thoughts going through my head. I could see my two little boys in the rearview mirror, and that’s when I decided I wasn’t going to just lose weight, I wanted to live healthy and enjoy all of the time I could with my boys. I knew I needed to continue what I had started. 

When we got back home to Tennessee we started searching for programs and came across P90x. It looked challenging, but my wife and I decided to try it. I finished my first round of P90x that summer in 2011. I was really excited with my results. I had lost over 30 lbs. and felt great!

My biggest challenge was reversing the cycle of unhealthy choices and bad eating habits. After starting the program I realized that no matter how out of shape I was I could set and achieve my goals. Seeing all the different kinds of people doing the same thing I was doing, at their own pace, made me confident that I could finish the program. My eating habits took time to switch, but after I started eating some of the meals from the program, I saw that I actually felt full afterwards.

I continued to workout using the main muscle building dvd’s of P90X. A little bit before Christmas of 2011, I purchased Insanity. I started it immediately. It was very difficult for me but I pushed through it and finished it in February of 2012. Thats a t-shirt I am very proud to wear.

We have loved every one of the programs, we now have in our Beachbody library:




ChaLEAN Extreme

Turbo Fire 


Brazil Butt Lift

Body Beast 

Frankly the thing I love the most about these programs, are the results. They are laid out in a way that is easy for anyone to follow, you don’t need a personal trainer, he or she, is right on your TV screen.  

 I started this journey at 222 pounds and almost 31% body fat. As of today I am at 158 pounds with 6% body fat. I started in size 38 jeans and now wear comfortable size 29. I no longer have aches and pains when I wake up, I’m ready to start my day now, instead of having to suffer with discomfort.  My blood pressure is the healthiest its been in my adult life, and I take no medications at all.

I have never in my whole life been in this kind of shape and I was in multiple physical sports in high school. I feel great and the best part is my two little boys are seeing my example of how to eat and live a healthy life style. My wife has been right by my side and is in step with me, eating healthy, and working out every day.

Thank you Beachbody for changing my life!

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