Diamonds Are Made Under Pressure

The Scottish clergyman Peter Marshall said, “When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure.”

The Diamonds that I am referring to, though, were not made under pressure, but instead came into being through love and compassion and being supportive and caring.  Ayanna and George Penn saw a real opportunity to change people’s lives and have significance because of what they could and would do to improve a other people’s quality of life.

1 Star Diamond Coaches Ayanna and George PennThey worked with laser like focus on achieving the goal of first becoming Diamond Team Beachbody coaches and then 1 Star Diamond Team Beachbody coaches.  Along the way, yes, they did experience contrary winds because not everyone realizes that they need to change or, in some cases, must change in order to be around for their children and grandchildren.

Along the way, they also lead other people to the Team Beachbody opportunity – people who had vision and passion and a genuine desire to help other people, who then in turn started helping more people.

At the center of influence in the waves of positive change that are occurring in their area of New York City are George and Ayanna – husband and wife, devoted parents and high achievers who determined that by helping other people, they would help their own family and they have done that together and so passionately.

Today is their day to celebrate two giant steps forward in the dream of financial independence for their family.  I rejoice with them because I can’t imagine two more deserving people or a more deserving family.