I Missed My Anniversary!

You may wonder why I’ve really gotten into blogging and here is one good reason – if I blog what I do every day, then I will be able to remember what I did.

Other than going to Awana that night, I don’t remember what I did last Thursday, but I wish that I could because it was my 5th year anniversary of drinking Shakeology virtually every day and apparently I was totally distracted by something that kept me from celebrating.

Oh well, I can just celebrate today (a day of relative calm) and share with you my post from that day five years ago…

Shakeology Day One

March 20, 2009


Well, UPS just arrived with the anxiously awaited package with the bag (yes, it comes in a “green packaged” bag) of Shakeology. Grace, my 4 year old always has “chocolate milk” with lunch (actually 1% milk with a small amount of Beachbody Chocolate Meal Replacement). Today, I made her Shakeology the same way and followed the directions for mine. I just put it in a Beachbody shaker, shook it a few times and drank right out of the shaker. The taste is great and I look forward to nourishing my family with the 70 healthy ingredients in every serving of Shakeology!

Shakeology - 70 Healthy Ingredients, One Glass