One Way to Turn Your Life Around

I love success stories and wanted to share Shannon’s because it is really inspiring.  Not only that, but he participated in The Beachbody Challenge and won the $500 Daily Prize for November 26th!

Anyone who’s overweight knows they need to change their eating habits and start exercising in order to reclaim their lives. But all too often, excuses come into play, time passes, and life remains the same—or it gets worse. That was my story for many years, until the day I realized that life is short, life is fragile, and while a lot of things in life are beyond my control, how much I weigh is completely up to me.

This epiphany happened about 4 years ago when my twins almost died in the womb. They were born 3 months premature and had to endure a long hospital stay. Shortly after the twins came home my father was diagnosed with brain cancer. Wow, talk about a double whammy. A month before my dad passed, I realized that if I want to live a long, healthy life, I had to change NOW! I was the heaviest I’d been in my entire life and I couldn’t continue like this. Luckily, I stumbled upon a transformation video on the Beachbody Facebook page and my journey began.

First I did INSANITY and lost 23 pounds. I was feeling better, my confidence was starting to grow, but I still wasn’t there yet. I wanted to stick with a Shaun T program, so when FOCUS T25 was revealed at Summit (I’m now a Beachbody Coach), I HAD TO HAVE IT! So I got it and started nailing it the Monday after I returned home.

FOCUS T25 is amazing! It’s simple. It’s focused. And it’s just 25 minutes. I also enjoyed the change of pace from INSANITY with the addition of weights to the routine. After just one round, I’m loving my results! My abs are starting to show for the first time in my life. I have more energy. I’m finally able to keep up with my 3 boys. Plus, I now have increased confidence and a better sense of nutrition and how it affects my body. And I’m so proud to say that I’m 40 years old, and I weigh less than I did in High School.

I was very fortunate to have had a very active Beachbody Coach, Christian, who followed my progress and constantly checked in on me. He provided motivation, support, and advice each and every day. I also joined his Challenge Group, which was a great way to go through the program, because when you’re with people who are facing the same challenges as you, it’s so much easier to achieve success. Plus, I drank Shakeology daily, which took my nutrition to the next level. Not only does Shakeology taste fantastic, it curbed my hunger and aided in my digestion. Wow that stuff is great!!! Drinking it everyday was just plain awesome.

Thank you Beachbody for being so instrumental in changing my life. Since my journey began less than one year ago, I’ve lost 37 pounds, my waist shrunk from 45 inches to 36.5, I lost over 4 inches in my hips and chest, 2 inches in my arms, and 1 in my thighs. And all I did was follow the program guide and keep pushing play.

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